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    The Gateway International Painting Competition (GIPC) - August 1, 2017 to July 31, 2018

    $1,000.00 Monthly Cash Award to Best in Show, Every Month, Until July 31, 2018

    • Best In Show: $1,000.00 cash EVERY MONTH!
    • Monthly contests begin the first of each month, and end at 11:59 pm Arizona, USA time, last day of each month.
    • Winners announced by the 20th of the following month.
    • Press release to local newspaper of choice for Best in Show
    • All 12 Finalists (including Best in Show) receive 1 free painting entry with special promotion
    • Award certificates to all finalists
    • 144 Finalists go on to compete for annual grand prizes.
    ANNUAL GRAND PRIZE WINNERS (144 paintings compete for 1st, 2nd, 3rd)
    • Inclusion in full page ad in major art collecting publication, such as Art Collector Magazine.
    • Special recognition award.
    • Year End Cash Awards: 1st, 2nd, 3rd: $1,000.00, $750.00, $500.00.

    Exhibition and Artist Promotion

    Each Painting Entry:

    • Is promoted on its own full page with full artist contact.
    • Links to the artist's website of choice.
    • Is available for sale or auction at artist's discretion.
    • Artist or artist's gallery keeps 100% of their sales through this website.
    • Links to artist's profile, a special page with all artist's entries.

    Current Monthly Finalist Winners Announced!

    Grand Prize Winners 2016-2017

    Painting Contest Finalist Certificates

    Twelve finalists are selected each month of the painting competition. As recognition of their accomplishment, a certificate is mailed to each artist, no matter where they live in the world.

    Our Mission - Peace Through Art


    "Make Art Not War" is our slogan, expressing the concept that art promotes peace through teaching and sharing the excitement and passion for visual arts among all people and cultures.

    Entry fees from PaintingContest.org contribute to our mission to discover and support emerging artists living in countries without access to art supplies or art education. How? We create and donate art kits which include a quality paint set, brushes, paper, and an instructional guide. Learn more...

    Featured Paintings

    See the latest featured paintings, representing the very best of the artists' works. Refresh the page to see additional paintings in a new arrangement. Click on a painting for additional details or to contact the artist.

    Painting Exhibition and Sale

    Artists from all over the world have a unique opportunity to showcase and sell their work while competing for cash prizes every month. A different judge who is an accomplished art professional will critique and comment on 12 monthly finalist paintings. Artists keep 100% of their sales.

    Read the latest comments about our featured paintings.

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