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    Congratulations to DK Palecek for
    winner of the JANUARY 2018 Artists Choice Award!

    Artists Choice Award Details

    Selected by Participating Member Artists - Winner Receives $100.00 Cash - New Winner Each Month

    • Artists Choice Award ($100.00) given monthly in addition to Best In Show ($1,000.00) and Finalist Awards (free painting entries).
    • Winner is announced after the first of the new month (soon as results are tallied).
    • To qualify for the Artist Choice Award, a participating member artist must also REVIEW and rate at least one or more Favorite Paintings created by other member artists IN THE CURRENT MONTH — only in this way do reviews/ratings on your own paintings (made by other member artists) count toward a final score for your painting. Please Note: YOUR REVIEW IS ANONYMOUS but should be only positive/constructive on paintings you really like -- YOUR FAVORITES! Negative or destructive comments will be removed.
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    • NUMERICAL RATINGS CRITERIA: #1 IS THE LOWEST SCORE; #5 IS THE HIGHEST SCORE; also, the written comment area is required in order to submit the review.
    • Artists will not be able to review the same painting more than once.
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    January 2018 Artists Choice

    Monthly Best in Show wins $1,000.00 cash. All 12 monthly Finalists win a free promoted painting entry. Finalists chosen and critiqued by a different professional artist judge each month. All 144 monthly finalists from 12 months compete for Grand Prizes awarded in August.
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    Latest Artists Choice Reviews


    The variety of lines, values, and colors keep the viewer coming back. It is also raises the question about the meaning of the flowers the woman is holding. We begin to imagine and want to know more of the story.

    Begun Khadija

    Oh my God , what a lovely and beautiful portrait, Perfect and simpl , use of green colour looks stunning.

    Compositional Perfection

    Love this piece !. Great use of light, depth perception and color. The vertical composition is perfect for the story being told. I also love the way the artist has created the layers of rock from top to bottom leading into the action at hand at the bottom. This is a masterpiece.

    Bold and beautiful

    I love this portrait painting .such a great feeling in his eyes. Selection of colours is great. Very realistic.

    the cyclist

    love the theme