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    Judges selected for The Gateway International Painting Competition are career art professionals with established credentials, significant accomplishments and or awards, popular workshops and/or publications related to fine art painting. As compensation for judging, which includes expertise, evaluation, selection, and written reviews on each finalist painting,

    • Free registration (normally $25), free special publicity page with link to website;
    • Free 6 painting-entry social media promoted package;
    • Exhibition only the month they judge;  competition entry any of the other months;
    • Judge’s press release to local newspaper of choice.

    Special Rule #1 for Judges: If ARTIST A is awarded a cash award by a judge who is ARTIST B, and ARTIST A is later a judge, then ARTIST A may not award a cash prize to ARTIST B in any time period within 12 months.

    Special Rule #2 for Judges: If a judge enters paintings in the competition but for any reason can not serve as a judge in the month scheduled, either (1) reschedule if there's an opening, or (2) receive invoice for the 6-painting entry package, only if used. This is to ensure fair and equal entry fees for all members if not serving as a judge.

    Special Rule #3 for Judges (as of October 2017): In choosing finalist paintings, Judges may choose only one painting by an artist in a given month.


    • Best In Show: $1,000.00 cash;
    • Press release sent to local newspaper of choice;
    • All 12 Finalists (including Best in Show) receive 1 free painting entry with special promotion;
    • Certificate acknowledging finalist status.

    (If over 300 paintings entered that month, work with monthly judge to narrow. Segmenting competition into representational/non-representational future consideration.)

    ANNUAL GRAND PRIZE WINNERS (144 paintings compete for 1st, 2nd, 3rd)

    • Inclusion in full page ad in major art collector publication such as Art Connoisseur Magazine;
    • Special recognition award;
    • Cash Awards: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, $1,000, $750, $500 respectively.

    Tim Ernster, 928-201-5082, and Victoria Oldham, 928-282-4326

    MISSION: Portion of proceeds goes to our Peace Through Art program, creating art kits for kids in countries like Belize, Central America, where art education and supplies are not available. “Make Art Not War” is our brand for donated art kits and educational programs, with the message that art is the language that brings all people and cultures together around the world.



    Latest Artists Choice Reviews

    A moment captured

    Light and shadow!


    Love the color choices. Very nicely painted portrait

    Amazing Portrait

    Amazing portrait with great detail and textures. So wonderful!


    Great light, composition and interaction. I can feel the cat in my hands since the fur has been executed so well, plus I can hear the cat puurrrrr. The lighting in this piece is wonderful. Excellent job!!


    Embrace each other. This is "art". Although I am a realist painter of nature, I know art when I see it and this is "art". I love the form and lines which connect all the elements in this piece of contrast. This is realism on another level. I love the vision and insight.