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A portion of entry fees from contribute to our mission to discover and support youth and emerging artists in places without easy access to art supplies or art instruction. How? By funding the design and donation of guided art kits for students, along with a video example.

CLICK THE PLAY BUTTON TO WATCH THE VIDEO. This 4-minute video serves as an additional guide to help students get started with the process of mixing and applying colors.
(Accompanying sound track is in the works, to be added soon—thank you for your patience.)

ArtKits Example PaintingContest1000

The example above serves as a guide to help jumpstart the process of learning to paint, but possibilities are endless. There is also blank watercolor paper provided for those who want to create their own design. In many cases, this will be the first time using watercolors. Victoria Oldham of designed the Belize Reef project and is creating new projects using colorful nature subjects because it allows students to find additional reference materials online. For example, every fish shown in this illustration is named in the accompanying project guide so it can be found online for additional color reference and views.

Art Kits ready to send 1000w

If you would like to receive an art kit for someone in the USA, it is $10.50 each. We send you the complete art kit as shown in the video. The amount covers our cost plus a little more for art kits to children in places without easy access to art supplies or art education. (Watercolor set by

The other way to help us fulfill our mission is if you are an artist (over 18, living anywhere in the world) and enter paintings into the competition! We appreciate your participation.
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