Learn Sculpture

Learn Sculpture! Go from absolute beginner to mastery of any form using basic shapes. If you can paint, you can sculpt!


LESSON 1: Beginning Clay Modeling


Sculpture Project Guide - $3.50

BabyElephantSculptureProjectGuide Cover

Baby Elephant Sculpture Project Guide - Just $3.50 USD! Instant download after purchase.


LESSON 3: Sculpting a Baby Elephant


LESSON 2: Sculpting an Animal

Sculpting a Stegosaurus


Star Man - Introduction to sculpting a human form


Sculpting Textures



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Note from Victoria: Charles Oldham (Chuck to his friends and family) tragically passed away in May 2014 at the age of 64. Married for over 39 years, together we made and posted these videos 2 years before Chuck's passing (from chronic lung failure). At the time, he was undergoing night and day hospital treatment while making these tutorials. Fast forward to 2020: Victoria Oldham and Tim Ernster together continue the mission to promote art and artists and are so grateful for each other (Tim lost his spouse in 2013). We hope by what we share, and through this website, that you will be inspired and continue to learn and prosper as a creative being on this planet! — Victoria Oldham


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