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    The Island Academy

    Students from the Island Academy in San Pedro, Belize, Central America completed their paintings from the first art kits we sent to them earlier this past spring 2018. What we got back was beautiful and amazing!

    Professional artists Jane Hunt and Suzie Baker, good friends and also member artists at PaintingContest.org, have reviewed the completed student paintings and commented on their accomplishment. See below:

    Comments from professional artists Jane Hunt and Suzie Baker:

    1st place:  Gabbi - love the way she painted the edges of the water, gives it a real underwater feeling.
    2nd place: Louke - lovely use of color and detail.
    3rd place: Elyssa  - beautiful variation of color within her paint washes.

    Please let all the children know they did a wonderful job and should be very proud of themselves.  We hope they continue to follow their passion for art!
    -- Jane and Suzie

    All students who completed a painting, including Kerry, Brian, and Mackenzie, receive a certificate of accomplishment which is mailed to them at their school.


     Watercolor Project Art Kit 1000w

    "Make Art Not War" is our slogan, expressing the concept that art promotes peace through teaching and sharing the excitement and passion for visual arts among all people and cultures. LEARN MORE...

    Entry fees from PaintingContest.org contribute to our mission to discover and support youth and emerging artists living in places or countries without easy access to art supplies or art instruction. How? By funding the design and donation of art kits with a guided project and art supplies. Our watercolor kit includes a non-toxic watercolor paint set, watercolor brush, 140 lb. archival-quality watercolor paper, and instructional guide. We used the very watercolor set that students will receive to create the example shown in the video, and have only added extra white watercolor paint to the inside lid. We also inspect each brush and clip any extra hairs to ensure a good user experience, knowing this may be the first time ever with a real paintbrush! ALSO... there is also blank watercolor paper provided for those who want to create their own design. In many cases, this will be the first time using watercolors.

    Victoria Oldham of PaintingContest.org designed the Belize Reef painting project and is creating new projects using colorful nature subjects because it allows students to find additional reference materials online. For example, every fish shown in this illustration is named in the accompanying project guide so it can be found online for additional color reference and views.


    Cash award to monthly Best in Show winner. All monthly finalists win a free promoted painting entry, are chosen and critiqued by a different professional artist judge each month, and compete for Grand Prizes awarded in August. Artists may offer to sell their paintings or print reproductions and keep 100% if sold.
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