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    BEST IN SHOW: Koi Pond by Derek Penix

    Above: BEST IN SHOW, Koi Pond by Derek Penix.

    October 2017 Judge: Carl Dalio

    “Devoid of unnecessary detail and packed with loose, energetic brushstrokes, this artist delivers a masterful impression.”
    — Carl Dalio

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    See judge's comments on all 12 finalist paintings below (shown in random order).

    Name of Artist: Tom Shropshire
    Judge's Comment: This painting presents a refreshing and whimsical foray into an imaginary world. Moody color choices, night lighting and impressionistic brushwork create an environment that ignites the beginnings of a storybook tale. We’re off to an uncharted adventure, sailing high above the city in the Gypsy Wind.
    Name of Artist: Alan Wylie
    Judge's Comment: Here is a dramatic view of life on a narrow street, perhaps somewhere in a small village. The main subject, a boy on a bicycle, is placed dominantly center left. The counterchange of light shirt on a dark background and dark pants on a light road command our attention. Limited color and strong geometric, value shapes combine to present a confident, abstract pattern.
    Name of Artist: Shana Levenson
    Judge's Comment: This portrait of a young woman exudes an emotional excellence beyond mere portraiture. Gazing ahead, the subject is spellbound in a time of reflection and wonder. The artist masterfully envelopes her beautiful, youthful face in a serene atmosphere of delicate lace and quiet color. Carefully observing this painting, we are compelled to honor the silence of this sacred, human moment.
    Name of Artist: Jodie Kain
    Judge's Comment: Here is a wonderful pastel painting that charms art and cat lovers alike. So well composed and offering such warm emotion, this painting places the commanding cat’s eyes and face, in sharp detail, near the center of the format. On a background of rectilinear forms, the figure, with face in softer detail, enfolds the cat with arms carefully placed to direct the eye back to the cat with a spiraling movement.
    Name of Artist: Ana Milena Tamara
    Judge's Comment: This abstract composition is a wonderful presentation of color, design and shape. Through use of a pleasing distribution of color complements, interesting and varied shapes and rectilinear versus organic forms, the artist achieves balance and harmony.
    Name of Artist: Kaylynn Etienne
    Judge's Comment: Privacy. Angst. Tension. This painting confronts us with more information about private lives than we perhaps want to know. Or perhaps our inquisitive selves are uncomfortably and inevitably drawn to know more. Life Raft is an excellent title for such a well composed painting of a couple on a complex life journey. The color scheme and environment choice, a too-small, cold, uncomfortable tub in a private bathroom, is just the setting for only the beginning of this dramatic story.
    Name of Artist: Chris Krupinski
    Judge's Comment: With a flare for color and pattern, this artist demonstrates an assuredness of composition and medium. A bold and daring design hypnotizes us with confident detail and undulating linear pattern.Brilliant light and beautiful color temperature changes abound. Ah, and humor: the inescapable UPC label.
    Name of Artist: John McCartin
    Judge's Comment: There’s nothing like sunlight through the trees on a beautiful morning. This painting captures that special feeling of fresh air, sunlight and a glowing, backlit tree. The artist uses loose, impressionistic brushwork throughout while confidently employing fine color choices.
    Name of Artist: Derek Penix
    Judge's Comment: Here is a painting that shouts life, color and movement. One is delightfully presented with a bird’s-eye view of a rich, aquatic environment. Careful placement of fish shapes in a cruciform pattern creates a strong composition: lighter fish over a vertical, green background, dance just to the left of center. Devoid of unnecessary detail and packed with loose, energetic brushstrokes, this artist delivers a masterful impression of life in a pond.
    Name of Artist: Kathleen Carr
    Judge's Comment: Here is a lovely painting executed with experience, confidence and style. A young woman with a flower headpiece, stares out from a wall with classic, architectural detail. Colors in the flower crown, dress and background are quiet compared to warmer skin tones and hair. The artist achieves a wonderful balance of reserved propriety and contemporary virtue.
    Name of Artist: Marney Ward
    Judge's Comment: Color, light and bold design prevail in this front row view of begonias. The dominant blossom, with triumphant shape and value, enters stage left and is supported by a parade of pedals arrayed to the right. Throughout this watercolor, the artist maintains clean color choices and demonstrates a thorough understanding of the power of color temperature.
    Name of Artist: Dohgyoung Ahn
    Judge's Comment: Composition and mystery abound in this bold painting. We are immediately confronted with body parts that defy a normal pattern. Careful artistic direction and movement pull us in to the developing storyline. This artist demonstrates a command of anatomical form, color and bold design.



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