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    Latest Artists Choice Reviews

    A cappella

    This is another fine piece from a great artist. Valeria, 'the pianist' is such a beautiful piece and this has that same moving quality with the subject captivating the viewer. Great job.

    Sunlight Shower

    This is amazing and beautiful. Truly specific instead of generic tree treatment, with a perfect focal point with the light. Composition is also excellent, overall intriguing, moving and so skillfully done. this is a winner.

    Dynamic Action

    Expressive brushwork and a variety of textures add to the feeling of movement in this well-executed wildlife painting.

    The Critics

    Great capture of the interesting facial expressions of the visitors. This is just so natural and real life. i like the treatment of the lighting in the background environment.

    Cave Springs

    This is a beautiful piece, the treatment of the grass, sky, color choice for the mountains and the shade vs sun areas, all is excellent. The hay bale arrangement is also wonderful.