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    July 2017 Finalists

    July 2017 Judge: Stuart Shils

    "A terrific and sensuous interpretation of outdoor light in which the impact for us as the viewer is not at all in identifying the 'what' of what we are looking at as much as the mood."
    — Stuart Shils

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    Gospel Light (Best in Show) by  Jason SacranBEST IN SHOW: Gospel Light by Jason Sacran. Judge's comment: A terrific and sensuous interpretation of outdoor light in which the impact for us as the viewer is not at all in identifying the 'what' of what we are looking at as much as the mood resulting from a very sensitive eye for color and the resulting mood of all the colors coexisting together as shapes on the surface.

    Old Town by Kenneth BurnsOld Town by Kenneth Burns. Judge's comment: An interesting graphic arrangement of pattern that carries the eye all around the painted space.

    After He Cranked That by Hannah MillerAfter He Cranked That by Hannah Miller. Judge's comment: The 'description' refers to a culture of human behavior that I cannot begin to relate to and that is actually quite horrific, but in contrast to that, this artist has a very refined graphic sensibility and knows how to make an immediate visual impact.

    Waving / Hilfslinien by Susanne LongWaving / Hilfslinien by Susanne Long. Judge's comment: A very clean, graphically concise and supremely legible painting in which color, shape and drawing are all working together.

    Log Built Boat by Suzie BakerLog Built Boat by Suzie Baker. Judge's comment: Effectively moves the eye within the horizontal compositon from side to side and is characterized chromatically by a sober but yet resonant and fairly monochromatic palette.

    Back From the Bazaar by Patrick SaundersBack From the Bazaar by Patrick Saunders. Judge's comment: A classic urban street scene with a powerful sense of morning light.

    Softer Resistance by Laura McClanahanSofter Resistance by Laura McClanahan. Judge's comment: A surprisingly subtle yet arresting image that offers a beautiful color mood.

    Together by Laurie BarmoreIle d Cite Metro Station Paris by Karen Vierneisel. Judge's comment: Fascinating composition that moves the eye to all the spaces without any of them being overly competitive.

    Once Upon a Time by Alan WylieOnce Upon a Time by Alan Wylie. Judge's comment: Fascinating and powerful sense of light/dark pattern and color in which we are struck by all that before even identifying what it is we are looking at.

    Picking Brushes by Mitch BairdPicking Brushes by Mitch Baird. Judge's comment: A very satisfying unity of color that creates a specific and particular mood that is abstractly persuasive before even identifying the subject.

    Shaman 5 by Pat StacyShaman 5 by Pat Stacy. Judge's comment: A fun and interesting image with a strong sense of pattern and emotional use of color.

    Into the Blue by Derek PenixInto the Blue by Derek Penix. Judge's comment: A refreshing interpretation of fish in which all the fish are painted as if seen in the same unified glance and so not all the same in appearance, but varied according to their role in the staging of the moment.

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