Mind Over Matter - BEST IN SHOW, March 2019

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This painting was created by my intuitive process that focuses on the various decisions made within each layer of media added. As every decision was made--colors, medias used, etc--it changed the course of the work. It is metaphorical for the human condition. Every door we open or close gives us a different journey or result. Every layer put down covers up or creates a whole new aesthetic or texture. I used a limited color palette and a lot of texture. This represents the truth of when we set our minds to a goal, that even with all the trials and tribulations, we can still achieve it if we are determined enough, hence the name Mind Over Matter.



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Specific details

Name of Artist: Kelsey Proffitt
Width (inches): 12
Judge and Category: Leah Dockrill, Abstract Professional
Height (inches): 20
Judge's Comment: "If one looks quickly at this image, it might register as dissonant. It is anything but! The intuitive and decisive approach followed by this artist has resulted in a completely harmonious painting. The placement of the colors and shapes and the various textures and patterns work together effectively to build this piece. The element that tops it off is that delightful swirl of white paint, with a tad of black. Not only is the swirl a visually pleasing element, but it also facilitates the viewer’s journey from one corner of the image, up through it, to the diagonally opposite corner. The image is striking."
Media: Mixed-Media
Country: United States
Award: BEST IN SHOW - Cash award and free promoted entry