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I’ve been an oil painter much longer than a watercolorist. My goal with my watercolors like “Cole” is to tell the same story of him as with oils but with many thin transparent washes. I want to catch the spirit of the person I’m painting, the thing that makes him “him”.

Cole is a young man who works at my house every Tuesday so I see him a lot. He’s so sweet and laid back. I asked him to model and he agreed exuberantly. We had a great time and I got so many wonderful photos of him. This pose was such a surprise from him with his attitude and how he had his collar in his hands. I knew this was the one. I really wanted to make it feel like there was dimension to him and air between him and the wall and fabric behind him. It was challenging with transparent watercolors to pull this off for me. It’s great to be able to use so many different colors in the painting and have it still look like skin or clothing or chair. This is very loose compared to my oils and was really “pushing” it to the edge for me.

I am one blessed person to have the opportunity to spend my days painting good people and the good earth.

Specific details

Name of Artist: Ginger Bowen
Width (inches): 23
Height (inches): 17
Media: Watercolor
Country: United States
Painting Genre: Representational: Figurative / Other