Old Lioness Dreaming of a Featherbed

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Old Lioness Dreaming of a Featherbed is a beautiful Lion that I met many years ago.  She was rescued and she lived with her rescuer, the ranger who found her when she was a cub.  Sadly her family had been killed by poachers.  She recovered from her injuries, but not good enough to go free.    

I called her Elsa - like a hug cat - so gentle and beautiful, I know that she will no longer be alive, but her time with her keeper was as good as it could be and I admire that work that rangers do to save these animals.

She was actually lying on a bed of straw and old mattresses - I put rocks under her head in my painting to give her a wild feel.  Scratchboard and Ampersand Inks, own photographs and original artwork.

Specific details

Name of Artist: Jan Lowe
Width (inches): 14inches
Height (inches): 11inches
Media: Mixed-Media, Other
Country: Australia
Painting Genre: Representational: Landscape / Nature