Spring Inspo - BEST IN SHOW, May 2019

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Spring Inspo is layers of paint, texture that created images of abstracted flowers.  Its created on canvas, layers of acrylic, permanent ink, collected papers.  One of my favorite paintings!

Specific details

Name of Artist: Melanie Ferguson
Width (inches): 16
Judge and Category: Deborah Argyropoulos, Abstract Professional
Height (inches): 40
Judge's Comment: "Contrast in every form catches my attention in art and in life. There is something about the equal and opposite that can create balance out of chaos. Spring Inspo had this immediate effect on me. Soft, identifiable organic leaves and flowers juxtaposed against a highly textured ambiguous and cracked background. In addition to the physical elements, the balance of light and dark keep looking closer with a push, pull effect. Sometimes the first thing I see is the background, other times the forground pops out at me, and sometimes you can’t tell which is which. Personally, I find an abstract painting to be “successful” when my eye continually moves around the canvas without getting stuck on one particular element. I think “Springo Inspo” definitely achieved this!"
Media: Mixed-Media
Country: United States
Award: BEST IN SHOW - Cash award and free promoted entry