Snow Day - FINALIST, May 2019

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Added 2019-05-03 10:44:09
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Children awaken to find it snowing outside; therefore, no school today.

Specific details

Name of Artist: Carolyn Wuyts
Width (inches): 14
Judge and Category: PaintingContest.Org panel of art professionals, Novice / For the Love of Painting
Height (inches): 12
Judge's Comment: "This painting brings back those unforgettable memories of a day off from school whenever there is deep snow by morning. We love the overall drawing and success of the potentially challenging composition and depiction of scale, with the seamless melding of soft organic forms (children and cushions) to hard perpendicular geometric lines (window frames and trees). Looking in, we find ourselves sitting by the children, sharing in their wonder and excitement."
Media: Oil
Country: United States
Style or Genre of Painting: Representational: Figurative / Other
Award: FINALIST - Free promoted entry