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    People Need a Melody

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    Added 2019-06-06 18:35:20
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    Artist Comments

    The Head and the Heart is one of my favorite bands.  We first saw them several years ago when they were opening for Death Cab for Cutie.  They are incredibly talented, and their music lyrics resonate with me.

    I took the reference image for the dancers when I was on Easter Island.  The photo is of some local street performers in the most remote place in the world.

    People Need a Melody is on the Head and Heart's recently released album.  I played the album on repeat the day I started this painting.

    And I listened to the lyrics over and over again.

     "'Cause people need a melody to open their eyes . . ."

    The melody is the main line of any tune. It is the fundamental truth of a song that makes it catchy, memorable, and long-lived.  It is the one that you almost always remember while the other parts broaden and support the piece.

    Everyone needs a melody, a place, or a path for their lives; a fundamental truth that guides us and is the part of our being that is automatic and ingrained in how we go about living.
    Some melodies are comfortable and evident, like a top-40 hit from our youth that we could never forget if we tried.  Others can be a complex arrangement of critical changes and harmonic dissonance that must be broken apart and remastered from time to time.

    But we all have one, and it is fundamental to our rhythm of life. 

    And when we come to those points where we are not sure of the proper direction to take, we must stop and tune into our melody again.  Listen to your melody; it gives you the freedom to be yourself and live your own authentic life and not be deterred by the static interference of someone else's composition.

    And then go dancing.


    Specific details

    Name of Artist: Jamie Lightfoot
    Width (inches): 36
    Height (inches): 24
    Media: Oil
    Country: United States
    Style or Genre of Painting: Representational: Figurative / Other
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