Serene Mourning Dove - FINALIST, July 2019

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This Mourning Dove sat in a maple tree outside my window. It was a calm winter day and it stayed there for the longest time. I watched how peaceful it was and liked the interesting patterns of light behind it.

Specific details

Name of Artist: Cheryl Plautz
Width (inches): 9
Judge and Category: Irena Roman, Representational, Professional
Height (inches): 12
Judge's Comment: "Carefully observed and sensitively handled, this painting exudes virtuosity. The vast textural range and compelling detail captured here is mesmerizing. The understated, elegant simplicity of the predominantly cool/secondarily warm color scheme perfectly enhances the focal point."
Media: Acrylic
Country: United States
Painting Genre: Representational: Landscape / Nature
Award: FINALIST - Free promoted entry