Headed Home - BEST IN SHOW, July 2019

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Oil on panel. Based on a plein air study of a Colorado sunset.

Specific details

Name of Artist: Jane Hunt
Width (inches): 24
Judge and Category: Irena Roman, Representational, Professional
Height (inches): 18
Judge's Comment: "This poetic painting engulfs the viewer with its dynamic composition, suspending us in that fleeting moment of time between sunset and darkness. Through painterly suggestion, its quiet narrative leaves room for subjectivity. Predominantly cool and secondary warm complimentary colors are expertly utilized, enhancing the drama of the lingering sunlight, as well as the car’s headlights. There’s just the right amount of local color, even in the deepest values, which strengthens the overall glow. It’s beautifully executed and exudes radiance and transcendence."
Media: Oil
Country: United States
Painting Genre: Representational: Landscape / Nature
Award: BEST IN SHOW - Cash award and free promoted entry