Carriage Ride 'Round The Lake

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Added 2019-07-09 12:16:35
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It was delightful to work on this painting! Inspired by a horse-drawn carriage ride that I had, two people sit in the seat toward the right side while the driver on the left looks on. I decided to zoom in on the riders and carriage, leaving out the horse and lake.

My style follows that of Cubism as I enjoy examining an objects basic shapes and then depicting, and sometimes exaggerating, those in my work. The picture plane becomes flattened and there is little or no depth. The colors are crisp and cool simply to indicate the coolness of the day. The wheels of the carriage at the bottom of the painting are all on one plane and overlap, giving the painting and viewer a sense of motion.

Line, shape, value and color are the dominant theme in my abstract pastels and I hope you enjoy viewing them.

Specific details

Name of Artist: Jeanne Conant
Width (inches): 30
Height (inches): 22
Media: Pastel, Other
Country: United States
Style or Genre of Painting: Abstract / Other