Blue Feathers - FINALIST, July 2019

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When I painted this work I wanted to express the idea of both the angel and the clown.I wanted it to have a touch of divine theatrics and a religion full of colour,play and yet also a solemn expression full of enigma and mystery.

Specific details

Name of Artist Martina McAteer
Width (inches): 18
Judge and Category: PaintingContest.Org panel of art professionals, Novice / For the Love of Painting
Height (inches): 18
Judge's Comment: “This painting’s near-formal design draws us in with its strong focus, starting with the figure’s limpid eyes amid a luminous field of electric color contrasts and moody atmospheric perspective. A sense of intrigue is conveyed not only by its visual elements but also through its original concept.”
Media Acrylic
Country Ireland
Style or Genre of Painting: Abstract / Expressionism
Award: FINALIST - Free promoted entry