Plants for the Planent; Preserving Our Environment

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Plants for the Planet; preserving our environment. by Artist, Mary Helsaple

Artist's Statement: ‘whether jungle, desert, water or sky, how we engage with nature is paramount to understanding our world responsibilities. My artistic efforts go towards creating detailed, poignant wildlife art that inspires others to respect and understand this vital relationship with the natural world. My goal is to tell a story that connects people to nature.” My inspiration begins with: Where and how do humans fit into this environment. What niche do humans fill, and who shares it with us. We engage nature every day, and I always wonder, is it going to be a culture clash or a can it be a symbiotic relationship.

Inspiration for this year’s poster focuses on how important it is to think broadly and act responsibly. We do not exist alone, anywhere. Everything we do, has far reaching impact. Our very existence depends on how we maintain and care for the whole environment, not just harvest one resource. The air, water, earth, and seeds, come from community sources maintained by plants, birds, insects and animals (and people). We do tremendous disservice if we ignore or leave out all contributors of the sustainability equation.

Living a sustainable lifestyle within the desert environment means being respectful of wildlife, habitats and co-operatively sharing nature’s bounty with all. By eating a plant based diet, and growing food locally, we can make a big difference. We live sustainably by preserving water, growing heirloom food plants, composting valuable resources and recycling nutrients back into the environment. And we are making sure there is always enough to go around for both humans and wildlife.

Each year the Healthy World Sedona invites one artist to create an original work of art to promote their VegFest Festival 2020. A three-day celebration of the joys of a plant-based life-style is held in Sedona Arizona. The VegFest Festival features discussions, products, services and information supporting whole food plant-based living. Participants learn from national experts on plant-based nutrition and lifestyle that relates to health, our environment, and animal welfare. They learn how easy it is to adopt a lifestyle that can create positive results for their health, and for the world.

Healthy World Sedona is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and presents these and many other events throughout the year as a public service. Sale of this year’s framed Original art goes towards supporting the continued efforts of Healthy World Sedona programs and education based festivals and scholarships. Contact:

Healthy World Sedona and artist Mary Helsaple are looking for a sponsor to underwrite the printing of a line drawing poster of the artwork as an extended learning coloring poster for children and young adults in the Verde Valley Region. If you are interested, please contact the non-profit or the artist directly.

Extended Learning Element: “Being good Earth Stewards means we are observant, respectful and aware of the planet.”

In this work of art, can you find all the plants, birds, animals, one reptile, which lives in this high desert environment? Raven + Roadrunner + Hummingbird + Gambel's Quail Family + Coyote + Jack Rabbit + Javelina + Spiny Lizard + Honey Bee.

What vegetables do you see growing?

What edible desert plants do you see growing?

Why are these plants Important?

What is the 'most' important resource found in this desert habitat?

Plants for the Planet; preserving our environment. by Artist, Mary Helsaple

Mary Helsaple is a national exhibiting watercolor artist who moved to the Southwest from Colorado in 2008. Helsaple’s watercolors are large works on paper, done in the narrative style with finely detailed images of plants birds, animals, and insects which merge into natural familiar surroundings or exotic natural environments. Since 1996, her paintings have traveled across the USA in art educational and environmental exhibitions like Art of the Rainforest and Arts for the Parks and currently Environmental Impact II, now at the James Wildlife and Southwestern Art Museum in St Petersburg, FL. Helsaple’s art has also exhibited in the Smithsonian’s Tropical Rainforest exhibition at the Denver Museum of Science. Helsaple continues to create art for conservation organizations and encourages art related experiences and environmental education for youth.

Helsaple has been published in American Artist, Watercolor Magazine, Southwest Art, USA Today, Variety and Time Magazine. She was awarded – Colorado’s Governors Award in the Arts in 2000, and Girl Scouts Wagon Wheel Council Women of Distinction Award 2000, and has been instrumental with Imagination Celebration Programs. She has received several NEA art grants, and was featured artist in the CRAYOLA, Binney & Smith Art Education Curriculum Guide for teachers. She was also Artist in Residence at Rocky Mtn. National Park and Sapelo Island National State Park in Georgia and collaborated on television programs that received 4 National Television Emmys Awards for nature and wildlife documentaries and several National Education Awards. In the fall of 2019 Mary is teaching watercolor and drawing for Yavapai College using her techniques book the ‘Physics of Watercolor’.


Specific details

Name of Artist: mary Helsaple
Width (inches): 18" w x 24" h
Height (inches): 18" w x 24" h
Media: Acrylic
Country: United States
Painting Genre: Representational: Landscape / Nature