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    The shadow within

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    Added 2019-09-30 16:21:26
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    Technique: acrylic painting with relief.

    Brief description: Abstract and dreamy representation of body internal organs and the soul shadow being integral part of it. Inspiration of looking within and through one's self perpetuating illusions. Soul cleansing.

    I love inscribing hidden elements - I urge the viewer to discover them. More often than not viewers will assemble elements on their own, which were not initially nor intentionally placed, which is in turn based on their unique perspective of the world. Do share - it is always exiting to learn about your paintings' "independent life".


    I am your shade. Do you really see me?

    Or you live in your dreams?

    If you fire the trigger,

    Are you really going to survive it?

    You will discover the essence and is your soul prepared?


    How much power do you need to admit

    Mistake or frustration?

    Living in a lie is easy because you can excuse yourself.

    Truth brings pain and suffering.


    One is truthful not before others, but before themselves.

    To lie, you got to be a skilled liar.

    You make yourself believe in the illusion and

    Lead others in the vortex of lies.


    You get the illusion off its feet when you're ready and

    You reveal the essence of truth and falsehood all by yourself.

    Life changes, all of a sudden and you will not

    even recognize yourself.


    For change you're ready. Now.

    Those who vibrate with you

    Will stay.

    Leave the rest behind. Forever.

    Specific details

    Name of Artist: Laran
    Width (inches): 31.5
    Height (inches): 23.6
    Media: Acrylic
    Country: Bulgaria
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