Visions - FINALIST, October 2019

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In my artworks, I open a window to a hidden mystical reality layer between the physical and spiritual world that I do believe exist. Unending stories with unknown subjects grow transform and intertwine with our perception. For this moment it's a path that I chose. How long and how deep I could go in intuitive painting? I'm excited how my artworks gonna transform and what would be shown there after years of practice. I would be happy to share the results of this life-long experiment with the world.
Artwork intentionally created without scetch, a concept or any idea how should it looks.  Started with intuitively expressive color fountain and turnings from side to side. Then piece by piece I realize what or who could be on a different part of the picture. Also leaving original 1st layer colors at some places. While I'm working on artwork more important for me is decisions I made, improvisation. Witch color to support, where do I do my next move or what part of painting should be more in details. I`m trying not adding there but clarifying that is already done. So I balancing between overflow of details or characters with every new artwork  Pictures in the picture, one meaning in others that combine together in one organism.

Every picture is a new path and experience for me which hopefully would be understandable by the audience in different unique ways. The main goal is to make a connection between artwork and spectator to borne away and wrest theme from daily bustle even without his understanding of the thing. To reveal or renew gone deep abilities to perceive the worlds unusuality. To awake new connections and new vision even if it would work just for a moment. The moment is important.



sandpaper treated high-density fiberboard (HDF) , white acrilic paste covered , acrylic paint , soft pastels .

framed painting (custom frame / wood covered with golden and black varnish) 2 loops for hanging on back side.



Specific details

Name of Artist: Ospennikov Illya
Width (inches): 27.5
Judge and Category: PaintingContest.Org Panel of Art Professionals, Abstract Professional
Height (inches): 39.3
Judge's Comment: "Peering into this kaleidoscope of amorphous shapes and colors, mythical creatures and cryptic figures magically emerge; scattered musings of the mind gradually piece the puzzle-like elements together, unifying the narrative with new thoughts to ponder."
Media: Acrylic, Pastel
Country: Czech Republic
Award: FINALIST - Free promoted entry