Garlic and Radishes

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Enjoying a coffee in the kitchen, and this assortment of garnishes were on my chopping board.  I am an animal artist, so doing a "still life" was alien for me.  So I was brave and begun with my piece of charcoal, I began with the outline sketch, garlic and onions are great to paint as their skins are like painting a lizard - lots of textures, the radishes were different, but I enjoyed the challenge, and have a little more respect for skill life!  Then pulled it together with Daniel Smith watercolors, I could taste the radishes.  It was late at night so it was lite with artificial light above.  This was a great way to relax and although it was a simple subject, it worked for me.  Only a small painting 20x30 on Arches smooth 360 paper.  "Garlic & Radishes" by Jan Lowe.

Specific details

Name of Artist Jan Lowe
Width (inches): 30
Height (inches): 20
Media Watercolor
Country Australia
Painting Genre: Representational / Still Life