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    Raindrops & Frog

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    Added 2019-10-15 22:20:18
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    "Raindrops and Frog", during last Australian summer 2018-2019, we received no rains from October to end of May; so when the rains came - the garden came to life with these little infant frogs.  They would hop up the windows and hug the doorways.  However this tiny little fellow enjoyed chasing the raindrops that were dripping on his face on the stem of the lily.

    Very tiny, this little fellow was only 1 cm (if that); had a big voice and catching him on the camera was a delight.

    I decided to place him on a Ampersand Claybord, sketching him in lightly with charcoal, then painted in the leaves with intense greens to give it a wet inviting feeling.  The stem he is on is where the lily had broken in the winds, and it gave him a great leverage up into the foliage.   He is a little Brown Frog, quite plentiful in Victoria Australia and on our island in the rainy season, and their songs and beautiful.

    I painted him in last and scratched him as I did with the rain drops; claybord is a similar progress with using Scratchboard, but you put the colour in (Daniel Smith watercolor) and then lift off with a craft knife.  Only the raindrops, the stem and the frog has been scratched.  It was a challenge to lay the colours, as the board is not porous and the colours life off when you place colour on top, so best to have the dark and lights correct.

    Raindrops and Frog, Ampersand Claybord and Daniel Smith Watercolor.  8x8 inches by Jan Lowe

    Specific details

    Name of Artist: Jan Lowe
    Width (inches): 8
    Height (inches): 8
    Media: Watercolor, Other
    Country: Australia
    Painting Genre: Representational: Landscape / Nature
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