Vanitas 2 - FINALIST, October 2019

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This is my second still life painting exploring the Vanitas theme. The hourglass and pocket watch are representing   the passage of time, the birds, eggs, medicine bottles and ultimately the skull represent the the certainty of death, The books, coins and necklace are symbols of pleasure and wealth which are left behind.

Specific details

Name of Artist: Nancy Calder
Width (inches): 16
Judge and Category: PaintingContest.Org Panel of Art Professionals, Representational Professional
Height (inches): 20
Judge's Comment: "Superior rendering of detail brings this composition to life, compelling us to believe that such a scene actually exists. Unlikely birds grab our attention and we reflect on the broken eggshells (lower left), imagining twittering hatchlings hidden in the nest. Are the painting's elements random, or is there a story behind the collective objects: symbols of time, life and death, knowledge, health, wealth, past and future?"
Media: Oil
Country: Canada
Painting Genre: Representational / Still Life
Award: FINALIST - Free promoted entry