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    Deconstruction of Nostalgia

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    Added 2020-02-19 12:35:47
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    I discover the process of “Deconstruction of Nostalgia.”

    Nostalgia is a strong manipulation.

    Through it, we make our own histories, and a  distorted way of remembering things.


    Nostalgia itself is often called as a common sentiment that can be recognized as ‘blue’ sadness, or a drunk memories out of triumph old days, but it actually is a very strong life-effect that could easily make us ignore the reality and recreate the new one.


    The huge distortions it makes – either it is lovely, or not tasty at all – , we easily follow the way it introduces, and swallow up the previous reality we’ve seen and experienced.


    Thus when this strong effect called Nostalgia is deconstructed, it uncovers what is actually ‘real.’

    We often recognize the experience that relationship between sentiments and real events recreate the sceneries – like history written by a triumphed country.

    I capture the smaller distortions made in our life after the Nostalgia-effect, through intersections of painting, print-media, and drawing. In forms, surreal, abstract and hyperreal forms mixes up into somewhat messy and sentimental outcome. And that random flow of textures and forms represent the nostalgia covering reality.

    Specific details

    Name of Artist Hyunhee Doh
    Media Other
    Country United States
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