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    Contact timothy3m@ymail.com Timothy Lam
    Added 2020-03-16 23:20:50
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    One day I walked into a broken house and looked out to the backyard. Desolate and silent, I couldn't find a trace of life.

    Imagine that before ... how many families was living in this house, the backyard will always be lively.

    The image of those day come to my mind …...everyday the family was awakened by the sunlight that poured from the window. Their childs was playing out of the backyard. Mother was preparing the breakfast for her family, father shouting at their kids. Since then, each family added a little life, little memories and little experience to this house ...

    Somehow and don't know when, the last family left and the house was looking forward to the new owner. But this time no one came again, and the lively atmosphere was disappeared.

    I don’t know how many days have passed, the house sustain no more, the window broken, the door rotten, the house was eroded by wind and rain, birds and insects fly in, and large arachnids are found on walls and big spider web weave and cling on windows.

    Only the sunlight come to visit the broken house everyday.

    Specific details

    Name of Artist: Kam Tim Lam
    Width (inches): 15
    Height (inches): 21
    Media: Watercolor
    Country: Hong Kong
    Painting Genre: Representational / Other
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