In Pursuit of Understandable Beauty 1

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Added 2020-03-26 19:14:38
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There are three main values I am pursuing through painting pictures: love, happiness and understandable beauty. I paint any subjects, using any materials, with any style I am happy to employ.

    Growing up, I used to blame my ignorance for not being able to understand many famous artist's work - what were they trying to say to the viewers? I still blame myself for not being smart in many occasions. That has been the very point why I chose "understandable beauty" as one of the values I am pursuing with all the respect to other artists. I chose to paint something the viewers can understand without blaming their ignorance. 

    This painting was inspired by one of my hotel guests. Her father used to bring yellow roses to her mother for their anniversaries. He passed away a year ago. When I finished this painting, she was the first one who ordered a print. 

    If the loving daughter of the old lady has delivered her love to her mother through my painting, if the print made her mother happy, and if the viewers of my painting, you, understood the beauty of this yellow rose, then my goal of this painting has been achieved. Hope you enjoy~

Helian Osher.

Specific details

Name of Artist: Helian Osher
Width (inches): 11
Height (inches): 14
Media: Acrylic
Country: United States
Painting Genre: Representational / Other