Witches ride the moon

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Added 2020-03-31 23:58:17
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A mythical animal/dragon, stepped on the moon with a harness on its back. A witch.

Right upper side - A woman who reaches out in the right upper corner. She is dressed like a goddess, releasing a dove from her hands. She is wearing a hat, made from wolf's head. She is a witch.

Left side - a dragon with a Indian teepee on its back, a ladder going down the back of it, a guardian dog. The base of this figurative composition represents the Moon/the chariot falling from the sky.

The dragon is the chariot itself and is also a living being. The dragon pulls the moon. Also represents the place (in the soul) where the shamans go when they want to acquire silent knowledge.

This presentation is connected the legend of the mоon being taken down by the witch. In the original legend, the moon is taken down by a witch group during the ritual. This witch is strong enough to take it down by her self only.

Specific details

Name of Artist LAran
Width (inches): 35.24
Height (inches): 23.62
Media Acrylic
Country Bulgaria