Transidentity on a Leash

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By representing myself on a leash, I evoke the condition of transgender people in our societies considered to be advanced.

TECHNICAL: I only use old techniques by mixing certain processes from the 14th and 15th centuries with other practices from the 18th and 19th. I work the depth of the material by superimposing several layers of paint textured by mediums, which creates transparency effects. I always end with glazes to reveal certain colors.



Coming from a modest family in the Paris region, Ch.Gauci developed a passion for drawing at a very young age and met painting very quickly.
She is completely self-taught: she studies oil painting alone with books and then becomes a copyist at the Louvre Museum.
A complicated marriage with a toxic person will distance her from her passion.
While cheating in her male body, Ch.Gauci acts like a real mother, taking care of her children by day, and working at night as a craftsman.
Despite the vagaries of life, there is still a little energy to continue painting.

She seeks to find old techniques, fascinated by the works of Rembrandt and Ingres.
She studies glazes like the Masters in the past and studies mediums to create transparency and depth of hues.
Work on wood as in the 14th and 15th centuries (Da Vinci, Van Eyke) naturally imposed itself on her.

Ch.Gauci quickly understood that she had a gift for portraiture.
She then works on the eyes to give them emotion and depth, and experiments with various techniques to texture the carnation.
Oil painting is her unique choice, because the complexity of this technique opens the field of possibilities.

She gets an award in 1990 :The special Jury Prize for the Paul-Louis Weiller Portrait Prize.
She is offered a year at the Casa Velasquez in Madrid (equivalent to the Villa Medici in Rome).
But she gives it up so as not to lose custody of her children, under threats from their biological mother.
This sacrifice will remain engraved in her womb until in 2012 she meets her Muse which pushes to deconditioning and to a certain liberation.
His new wife encourages hem to resume painting after a long crossing of the desert and invites Christophe to become Chantal.
She realize that despite a late assumed transidentity, her discomfort has accumulated her artistic sensitivity.

Painting her transidentity then becomes essential in the expression of her art.
She seeks to magnify a certain singularity and to display an assumed lifestyle.
Her techniques are old, but the treatment and the subjects are ultra contemporary.
Ch. Gauci does not seek to provoke, she wishes to invite the spectator to wonder about the beauty of each human being, beyond the societal formatting.

1990: Academy of Fine Arts in Paris - Paul-Louis Weiller Portrait Prize (Special Jury Prize)
2000: Exhibition at the Academy of Fine Arts in Paris
2000 to 2003: Copyist at the Louvre Museum (Ingres, Poussin, Raphael)
2004: Copyists exhibition - City hall of the 6th district of Paris
2006: Order honored for Lord Alexandre Tissot Demidoff
2008: Reproduction of the great Odalisque for a Saudi Prince
2017: Exhibition at Collonges la Rouge (19)
2020: Exhibition in Thenon (24)

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Name of Artist: Chantal Gauci