Humbaba - FINALIST, April 2020

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Humbaba is the name of the guardian of the forest from the Epic of Gilgamesh.  Gilgamesh confronts Humbaba on his mission to cut down the forest.  In some translations, Humbaba is depicted as a demonic foe, and in others a nature deity sworn to protect the forest.   Deep in history and into today, nature and its protectors are both celebrated and feared.  This tension plays out around the world as industry and economic interests take advantage of natural resources while people  struggle to protect the natural habitats and ecosystems they love and depend on.

Specific details

Name of Artist: Christine Grimes
Width (inches): 24
Height (inches): 36
Media: Oil
Country: Canada
Award: FINALIST - Free promoted entry
Judge and Category: PaintingContest.Org Panel of Art Professionals, Abstract Professional
Judge's Comment: "An imposing symbol of power with the semblance of a massive, branching tree boldly grabs our attention to deliver its message, one of ages-old conflict between humanity and the forces of nature."