The Right Time

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This drawing is one of a series designed to raise awareness and activity in the area of human rights. There is no doubt that time places boundaries that circumscribe our lives and place limits on what we can achieve. How does time influence human rights issues?

My drawing uses a variety of symbols. In my artwork, I have discovered that the closer I move to reality, the more likely people are both to feel they already know the subject matter and to have preconceived notions that impact their openness to the message I'm trying to convey in each drawing. To overcome this, I work in the space between abstraction and reality. And, I rely heavily on symbols to express the various facets of my message. I find that people love both stories and mysteries. I try to build both into every drawing. The symbols included in this drawing are listed below. As you read about each, you will discover my message and, hopefully, will remain open to some of the points I'm trying to make.

Father Time
Time is the ultimate universal boundary. It impacts literally everything we do. In any given situation, the availability of time is essential to our capacity to be successful. In this drawing, time symbolizes the boundaries it places on each of us. Additionally, the central character, "Father Time", symbolizes all of our efforts to manage time.

Einstein proved that time is different everywhere in the universe. Your time is not my time. Einstein also proved that time passes at a different rate throughout the universe. Of course, Einstein was talking about scientific fact but, in a strange way, we each experience the elasticity of time. At some points in our lives, time seems to pass slowly whereas at others it seems to flash by. Most of us remember time passing slowly during our childhoods and more quickly as we get older.

All of us feel time’s boundaries. In today’s fast-moving social-media world, time has become ever more pressing for all of us. Today, it has become near impossible for us to have any time for ourselves. In the drawing, Father Time is surrounded by an infinite number of clocks each symbolizing the variability of time.

Movie Reel
Additionally, I have drawn a movie reel tape passing round the clocks. This symbolizes the idea, that, while time is indeed different, and passes at a different rate throughout the universe, the flow of time follows universal laws. Time connects all of us.

The use of movie reel also symbolizes the way in which we “make time available” to complete specific tasks. By switching quickly between slides and then stopping briefly to display each slide, movie projectors both make available sufficient time for each slide to be viewed while at the same time, creating the illusion that the image moves in a continuous manner.

Red Flag
Finally, there is no stopping time. It passes relentlessly as we each know. I have expressed this using the red flag in Father Time’s hand as a symbol. Father Time’s flustered face is drawn to show that, in trying to stop time, he is attempting the impossible.

So, how does all this play into human rights? Well, the first question is - do we have time for human rights? Or, are we so wrapped up in our own lives that we push them to one side and leave it to others to worry about?

Are the time constraints placed on each of us a good and sufficient excuse for not being proactive when it comes to abuses of human rights? From the rights of protected persons in times of conflict, to the rights of children, to the right we all have to clean air, the list of human rights that suffer abuse every day of the year is almost endless. Is it that the time is never quite right for each of us to get involved or that now is the right time and we should all get involved?

Specific details

Name of Artist: Carl Aylen
Width (inches): 30
Height (inches): 40
Media: Mixed-Media, Other
Country: Panama