Meteor Shower

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This Oil painting is on a stretch gallery wrapped canvas (no framing required). It is the second of my "Painting a Week" project and is featured in my email newsletter the, Kleven Kronicles. You may sign up for future issues here https// 

My process was more or less discovered by accident in that I used to cover blank white canvases with paint left over on my easel. Over time I began to notice suggestions of images within the brush marks after the paint had dried. I then started completing those images in a loose impressionistic way by following the emotions I felt as I continued the painting. I used to say that my canvas "spoke" to me and told me what to paint. The end result is that I call my work abstract/impressionism

Most abstract work is called abstract/expressionism which means it is created only by emotion with no end result in mind i.e., it is simply  "ex-pressed". 

Specific details

Name of Artist: Ernie Kleven
Width (inches): 10
Height (inches): 10
Media: Oil
Country: United States