On the Baiana's Tray - FINALIST, July 2020

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This work represents friendship and the joy that people from Bahia (a State of Brazil) have when receiving people from the most varied places in Brazil and in the world, always with a lot of warmth and hospitality. As Salvador, the capital of Bahia, is one of the most illuminated cities in the world, everything here is very colorful and vibrant; this vibration is present in this work and in my art.

The "baiana" - as is called here the woman who sells typical delicacies like "acaraje" and "abara" - is not only a strong symbol of Salvador and Bahia as a whole, but also a representation of freedom, since the first baianas were women who had bought their manumission and supported their families with the money they got by selling this kind of food.

Mixed media allowed me to give wings to my imagination, combining the collages of colored and lacy papers with acrylic ink, ink, acrylic pens, graphite and dermatographic pencil, all to express the warmth, richness, and hospitality of the State of Bahia, Brazil through these wonderful women who are the "acaraje baianas ".

Limited edition fine art prints on canvas - numbered and signed by the artist, with details to make each copy unique. Frame and freight not included.

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Specific details

Name of Artist: Geiza Barreto
Width (inches): 15.75
Height (inches): 19.7
Media: Mixed-Media
Country: Brazil
Award: FINALIST - Free promoted entry
Judge and Category: Patrick Saunders, Abstract Professional