When the Dust Settles

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There's such beauty in a skull.

What once supported a life that ran, slept, breathed, ate and struggled to live, surrounded by the chaos of survival ... the chaos then ceased for this creature. Even as his flesh became sustenance for other lives, the skull remained. Now ignored and bleached by the sun, it remains lovely in its structure, its curves, the fine translucency of the cranium.

When all else has passed away and the dust swirls in the wind, there is still beauty in what remains.

Specific details

Name of Artist: Laurie Cook
Width (inches): 8
Height (inches): 10
Media: Oil
Country: United States
Painting Genre: Representational / Still Life
Award: BEST IN SHOW - Cash award and free promoted entry
Judge and Category: Spencer Meagher, Representational Professional
Judge's Comment: "I love this painting! It underscores my contention that any subject can make a wonderful painting when placed in the hands of a skilled artist. Laurie's subtle use of color in the highlights and shadows, not only shows her skill and understanding of color theory, it gives this painting the impression of being almost monochromatic. The gentle play of cool shadow against warm highlight brings a certain drama to this otherwise simple subject. The placement and orientation of the skull on the rock creates a strong design, enhanced by the cast shadow from an unseen light source, offering the viewer a peek into the more minute details of the subject. The intensity of light bouncing off the cap of the skull diffuses the near black of the background further enforcing the believability of the story of light in this painting."