The Death of an Empath

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We are dying. You see that gold outside me, we saw that in you and everyone else. This is the reason we are in the dark and you can't see us. We cry, we feel a lot of pain when you are sad, we feel horrible when we see you in trouble, we can't sleep at night because your pain and your sadness takes us with you. We feel your pain and every bit of it, trust me. But you don't care, nobody actually cares about people, who are in dark, feeling pain, feeling others pain and considering those pain as if it's their own. We are born like this. Have you heard the term "selfless", we empaths belong to that category.
Smile on your face is like 24 karat gold to us, your happiness is like a bright light to us. But when you take a picture of someone, and if the light is coming from their back, then your picture will appear dark. We always take our pictures when you are happy and smiling and the light from that makes us dark. When you mix with other light, still, we remain in dark. That's how we are dying slowly. But, we can't change ourselves, our nature.
For once please come forward or if that's not possible stay with us on the same line. Your light will show our face, our heart, our soul. That would be your credit, your achievement to show the world, those empathic creatures that,  how they look, how they feel, how they think, and how they dream about a peaceful world.


Specific details

Name of Artist: Bandhan Mukherjee
Width (inches): 26
Height (inches): 32
Media: Oil, Mixed-Media
Country: United States