Roots of the Universe

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Inspired by the most creative artist - the Universe.

Everything starts in intelligent invisible substances.Though invisible, life is in colors, sounds, forms... everywhere. The final shape of the Universe and our lives depends on mutual resonances and they are constantly changing. A point is not in question:"How it starts?". The point is in connection and purpose.

Universe gave to humanity: a gift (emotions, intelligence and creativity), two choices (positive or negative) and mission (finding balance). 

"She created compositions by linear method in which objects and space are rhythmically broken down as an expression of universal causality." Željko Čurčić (from the Catalog: "Family story - art in genes family Mudrinić")

(drawing on paper)

Specific details

Name of Artist: Snježana Boyd Žana
Width (inches): 39,5
Height (inches): 27,5
Media: Pencil, Other
Country: Croatia