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While taking walks during winter, I began taking photos of the intricate patterns of tree branches. I found a section of one photo that I was particularly attracted to and traced the branches in pencil abstractly onto watercolor paper. I have always loved the way the sun shines through the leaves in summer and in fall illuminating them. Using that as my inspiration, I painted with dyes and water to fill in the shapes like a piece of stained glass.


After creating this piece, I happened across the perfect word to describe this natural illuminated color. The word “komorebi” is an untranslatable Japanese word that is used to describe the effects of sunlight streaming through trees and their leaves.

Specific details

Name of Artist: Terri Field
Width (inches): 31"
Height (inches): 25"
Media: Watercolor
Country: United States
Award: BEST IN SHOW - Cash award and free promoted entry
Judge and Category: Chantel Barber, Abstract Professional
Judge's Comment: "Komorebi immediately grabs the viewer with its glorious color and intricate patterns. Delicate, yet bold at the same time. Drawing in for a closer look, one is rewarded by its mystic network, beautiful subtle shading, and delightful movement. A stunning piece!"