"Past, Present, Future 3", from the series "The Times". Acrylic on canvas, 160x 120 cm

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Contact Adress: Alexandra Mohr
Frankenstraße 18
63128 Dietzenbach

Email: alexandra@artmohr.de

Phone: 004917626496582
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Time is a perennial theme of history, cultures, religions, philosophers, scientists and artists who constantly redefine, contemplate, explore and depict it.
Already in antiquity people philosophised about time, Augustinus wrote... "That which exists is the present, the now, the past and future are only memories or expectations in the present. And Titzian presented it artistically with his "Allegory of Time".
The main figure in the picture is the face, which literally flows from the upper left corner into the picture and only then manifests itself in the movement to loops, this stands for the present.
In the lower part of the work, similar forms embody the past, which are connected to the face and/or are pulled.
On the right side one discovers a human shell in the picture, which is composed of "past" and "present" and becomes the future. The picture is kept in different shades of blue, only the future is interspersed with red accents.
Blue is the coolest, purest and deepest color and stands for the unconscious, for spiritual depth and inner silence. The color blue also applies to spiritual development, stands for power and depth and the ability to better recognize immaterial connections.
The red color stands for energy, liveliness, joy, but also injuries.

The experience and what is experienced is a flow of movement and is always dependent on the observer.
The perception of one's own time, the realistic and unembellished "now" can sometimes become a painful personal experience. With the memory of the past we build "now" with hopeful expectation, a better, more beautiful future. But again and again we are caught up by our own experiences that hinder us and the "now" is lost sight of and we are caught in the loops of the past.
The picture challenges you to "watch now"!
What lies between the "loops"? The hidden? The not visible of you?
The fleeting "now" is shy and cautious and yet also curious about what is to come.
The human being has the possibility to consciously experience and shape his own presence at any time.

Specific details

Name of Artist: Alexandra Mohr
Width (inches): 47
Height (inches): 63
Media: Acrylic
Country: Germany