Permission to Dream

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About Monet, my son's art classes, and the search for happiness.

I love it when "chance" (does it even exist?) mixes seemingly disconnected and random situations and creates something completely new out of it. This mixture of everything we live, think, and feel feeds our unconscious and it is from this place that I create my abstract art.


This work started to emerge from collage papers made with leftover paints used in the September 2020 Challenge of @galeriamvinhas, based on Monet, and in my younger son's Art class' work (I always have fun with him doing these after school).

That day I was a little discouraged and the invitation from a fellow artist changed my day. I watched a transformational event, in which, among so many wonderful speakers, @ceoofhappyness told details of the story that many of us have seen in the film "The Pursuit of Happiness" and spoke things that touched me deeply.

When I thought about Monet's dream garden, which began to inhabit the collective unconscious, about my children and what I heard today, I wanted to write "I have permission to dream" in ink on the background, over the collage and, starting from there, create my work.

Many layers of paint and other materials came later, but now you know what is written under them and it will be written in your subconscious if you allow yourself.

Specific details

Name of Artist: Geiza Barreto
Width (inches): 35.4
Height (inches): 23.6
Media: Mixed-Media
Country: Brazil