"Present" from the series "The Times"

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As with all artists it starts with a "nothing"!


For me it is the naked canvas that I want to fill with life, which literally forces me and makes me feel restless until.... when I finally hold a paint bottle in my hand.

And yet a ritual always remains the same, no matter which painting I have painted, in which mood I was and am, my first walk in the Atellier leads me to the music. It fills the whole room, others also say.... "It is quite loud"!.... yes, ...I also find it beautiful ?!

The picture is created during the painting, there are no sketches, ideas, preliminary drawings, enlargements and no templates. The only thing I choose consciously is the color with which I bring the first brushstroke/waving/dot on the canvas.

I'm not so sure if this process is really done consciously.

From this point on I dive down, I don't hear the music anymore, the ringtone of my phone is set extra loud, but I don't hear it anymore (could also be the loud music ?).

I am in another world, the fragrant color in my nose, I am only the lines that form this picture, the colors that still want to be used are waiting impatiently. And it is still not apparent to the outsider which motif will be created, even I do not know at this point, I am just completely absorbed and fascinated by the arrangement of the flowing movement, which have entered into an undreamt-of harmony with each other.

Of course, such a picture is not created in one day, but every brushstroke I put in has led me to the face you see here!

Each painting tells its own story and one thing I can say with certainty " It makes me happy and I find peace within me when I paint!


Specific details

Name of Artist: Alexandra Mohr
Width (inches): 39
Height (inches): 59
Media: Acrylic
Country: Germany