Don’t Need Your Validation to Define Me, Because You Can’t Even Define Yourself

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Yes, I am Black. Yes, my skin tone is dark. Yes, I know, I know that, according to you I am not beautiful, some people might say your facial structure is very nice but your skin tone is a bit dark. Throughout the world this is a concept that if your skin tone is fair then you are gorgeous and you are beautiful. For those people who are saying now that "noooooo that's not entirely true, or I am not like that" , pleaaaaase people stop pretending. When you meet a girl or a boy for your son or daughter, just tell me honestly, for once, just for once that you didn't think, “I wish his or her skin tone is fair”. Yeaaaaahhhhh, there, just right there is the problem and still, being a human is not sufficient. 


Funny thing is, when I was painting this particular piece, I  intentionally made the eyes heterochromatic (two different colors in two different eyes) just to make it attractive and I changed the skin tone to dark, instead of fair skin tone. To be honest, I am expecting these kind of responses, “interesting”,  “looks nice”,  “the eyes are intense”, “abnormal”, “not possible’, “she would look really good on fair skin tone” (“Ommmmmggggg, she will look ssooooooo gooooooood, if her skin tone is whitish”), “she is so beautifullll” ( then ask them will you consider her for your son's life partner? The answer could be, ? or oooooo yeahhhhh for sure I will, or why not?). Why? Why did you make a ghost-like portrait? Why don't you make something beautiful?”. Yeah, I know all of you know that feeling and I guess many people even got the expression of some of those people when they say the exact same things with the same expression. I am sorry people, whoever thinks in that way, I really hope that you get well soon because if you guys are not changing this society is not going to change. Doesn't really matter how much you participated on social media and talked about #blacklivesmatter. Tell me about this, to what extent do you believe in that concept. I am not talking about knowing about the concept, I am talking about believing about the concept from your soul, from your heart, from every part of your brain. Seriously, tell me, do you really believe that #blacklivesmatters, do you believe that #darkskinlivesmatters, do you believe that #burntfacelivesmatters, what about #autisticlivesmatters? Do you believe that #humanlivesmatters, do you believe even #livesmatters? I don't think so. Just putting #### doesn't really matter.  The sign “#” will not create any ripple in the society, until you start changing your thinking from inside, and start applying that to your life. BTW, I don't want to change you. Trust me, I don’t have that patience anymore and also I don’t want to encroach anyone’s freedom or rights. 


Since I can’t force anyone, I am requesting. This is a heartiest request to all, please start changing your own thoughts first. Saying something and believing something is completely different. Also, knowing something and consuming the knowledge with your soul, brain and heart is a different thing. Start thinking deep, if you want your kid to see a new and beautiful world, and whoever is thinking that “ Oooo I won’t get that environment in my life, so what's the point of doing that?”, for those people I say F………. Y…….,. Yeah, you heard me right. Ask yourself, do you really care about some of the burning agendas from your heart and brain? If you don’t want to think about those deep matters, then pleaseeeeee, please stop pretending that you care. Atleast, help those people who believe in these agendas by not pretending or acting that you care about all those agendas. Because, pretenders will say something when they are in public but in their own life they don't follow that. Still, in this world when we talk about innocent people, we give the analogy of a child. Just tell me, what's wrong to be an innocent child for your entire life. We lost our creativity, honesty, innocent mind  and everything else just because the world and the social structure is trying to make us a bunch of robots, who just follow orders. If you are okay with that, go ahead and continue what you are doing. But I am not going to follow the convention and conventional thoughts. 


Some people might say I am arrogant or rude that I don't follow rules, it is really hard to tackle me. My response to them, you can't even define yourself properly, you can't even know till this date, who you are and what you are doing, what is the meaning of your life, and still how you are thinking even to define some other person. Who the hell are you? Actually, who gave you this authority to even do this job to define me based on my  looks? Who are you BTW? Go to your own mirror, look at yourself and ask yourself that the things you are about say about the other person, do you know that person properly? Do you know his/her mind? Do you even know that if you hate them they might like you just because you have some great characteristics, qualities? Please stop this judging process just by looking into the cover of the book. 


Anyway, I am fade-up of saying and talking about this. Many people even said that " you think in a very simplistic way", “ you are thinking eutopic”, “ the world reality is not like that”. In my simple mind I honestly couldn’t find any logic that why it’s not possible and why they are saying that I am thinking eutopic. If I am thinking eutopic, then do me a favour and please let me stay in that eutopic world. I would love to die in that eutopic world rather than staying in your shitty world, where people say something but they don't believe what they are saying.  And, if you want to judge me and try to validate me then, trust me “ I don’t need your validation to define me, because you can’t”.  If two different colors of eyes can happily and perfectly work in one body then, why different color people can't stay happily in one Earth?.


Love you all. Get well soon. See you soon.

Specific details

Name of Artist: Bandhan Mukherjee
Width (inches): 28
Height (inches): 34
Media: Oil
Country: United States
Style or Genre of Painting: Abstract / Expressionism