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    Inspired by ornament, I experiment with techniques of painting to create an imaginative response to conflict on canvas. My work references social and environmental issues.
    Global warming affects seawater temperatures causing coral bleaching. A short-term survival tactic by coral polyps results abnormally in the collapse of the entire structure of the reef system over time. Mass bleaching events have occurred in various parts of the world in the past few decades. Coral reefs are an important part of our ecosystem. Several species of sea life depend on the reefs for survival, which directly and indirectly affects our sources of food and livelihood. As life comes full circle, it could ultimately create a chain reaction that directly impacts our survival on this planet.   
    I want to engage the viewer through a different discourse through artistic process and expression. Through mark making and the power of ornament, my work expresses a need for change and explores the possibility of the new.




    Specific details

    Name of Artist: Sarupa Sidaarth
    Width (inches): 36
    Height (inches): 36
    Country: United States
    Media: Acrylic, Mixed-Media
    Painting Genre: Representational: Figurative / Other
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