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    A cappella

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    Added 2018-02-18 13:36:02


    Investigation of various aspects of human nature and trying to convey it through my art has been the focus of my recent artworks. This painting continues the series of such artworks.
    People, like everything around us, exist inside a certain context, constantly interacting with it, changing under its influence. This is especially true for such artistic professions like a singer, an actor, a dancer, who often relive someone else’s story during a performance, obscuring for the moment their own.
    This young woman is a ballerina, who just finished series of performances. She was transforming from a character to character with not a lot of time left to be herself.  
    It was interesting for me to take her out of context, to remove all unnecessary details, to focus on her. She doesn’t need any accompaniment, she shines by herself.

    Specific details

    Name of Artist: Valeriya Lakrisenko
    Country: Russia
    Width (inches): 47
    Height (inches): 59
    Media: Oil
    Painting Style: Representational: Figurative / Other
    Social Media Connect @: https://www.instagram.com/vlakrisenkofineart/


    Use of Color
    Use of Values

    Users' reviews


    A cappella

    This is another fine piece from a great artist. Valeria, 'the pianist' is such a beautiful piece and this has that same moving quality with the subject captivating the viewer. Great job.

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    The variety of lines, values, and colors keep the viewer coming back. It is also raises the question about the meaning of the flowers the woman is holding. We begin to imagine and want to know more of the story.

    Begun Khadija

    Oh my God , what a lovely and beautiful portrait, Perfect and simpl , use of green colour looks stunning.

    Compositional Perfection

    Love this piece !. Great use of light, depth perception and color. The vertical composition is perfect for the story being told. I also love the way the artist has created the layers of rock from top to bottom leading into the action at hand at the bottom. This is a masterpiece.

    Bold and beautiful

    I love this portrait painting .such a great feeling in his eyes. Selection of colours is great. Very realistic.

    the cyclist

    love the theme