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    Added 2016-08-15 10:20:59


    In this piece the figure merges in and out of the black glazed background. Is she crouching, vulnerably looking towards an escape? Is she about to stand up and move towards what has caught her attention? Is it to be taken literally that she is seeking the light, moving on, seeking a fresh start…. a rebirth?
    The technique used is a charcoal drawing of the female form, much in the same vein as Michelangelo’s sketches, which was then covered in a dark red (almost black) glaze. The glaze was then removed with a rag to reveal once again the figure…rebirth!

    Specific details

    Media: Oil
    Name of Artist: Ciaran O'Sullivan
    Width (inches): 30
    Height (inches): 48
    Country: Ireland
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