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    BORDER FACE-OFF Between Texas Tick Rider & Mexican Longhorn

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    Contact email: donnaveselyart@gmail.com
    Added 2016-08-21 11:16:38
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    The former owner of my house (30 years ago) was a USDA horseback rider, but I didn’t get the notion to do this painting until per surfing chance (you know, searching for one thing and coming on a million others) I came upon a story about tick riders. And then another and another. So the rider in the painting could have been my former houseowner/old friend. A horsewoman myself for many years, knowing the animal by feel having groomed thousands of hours, drawing the horse with my paint brush came by memory more than by reference photos of my horses and others. I have a couple of longhorns for neighbors down the road also. What is a Tick Rider, for those who never heard of such a thing?— mounted patrolmen who protect our Borders from cattle crossing over from Mexico which does not practice tick control. Most people know the harm ticks can do on humans as well as animals, and an infestation can devastate a cattle herd and cause havoc on the beef industry and on the pocketbooks of you hamburger and steak hounds. I’m a vegetarian, never-the-less, don’t like animal suffering. So this painting was done in honor of those guys protecting our Borders for reasons most Americans aren’t even aware of. The paint on this one is still drying.

    Specific details

    Media: Oil
    Name of Artist: Donna Vesely
    Width (inches): 24.00
    Height (inches): 36.00
    Country: United States
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