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    Her Galaxies

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    Added 2018-09-08 11:48:08
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    I was strolling around heaven one day when I saw these beautiful, colorful galaxies and sparkling stars of Swarovski crystals.  On the left side of the universe, you will see a guardian angel, but lo and behold, a UFO with alien slipped right past her.  He was heading for home to Pleiades, or was that Orion? No, it was the Milky Way:)  Enjoy your trip through the universe.  

    Specific details

    Name of Artist: Jo Ann Mims
    Width (inches): 20"
    Height (inches): 16"
    Media: Acrylic, Mixed-Media
    Country: United States


    Use of Color
    Use of Values

    Users' reviews

    Travel Beyond This World

    This artist sure had fun painting this scene of the Universe! Reading the story with the painting, you can see how the process of painting is such a joy, and the artist actually goes on this journey outside the every day world to travel among galaxies and stars. Isn't that the real point to painting?

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    Latest Reviews by Member Artists

    This really speaks to me. Well done!

    Just an amazing work of art.

    Amazing watercolor.

    Beautiful, can feel the quiet and almost a cricket.

    Beautiful approach - I feel the chill from the snow but the hints of the red background peeking through provide a lovely, warm contrast that's so inviting.

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