Crusifiction of apostel Petr

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The main purpose of the picture "Crucifixion of Saint Peter" was not to show a commitment to religion but to express my feelings and attitude to this Bible Story. I wanted to show respect to ancientness and wisdom The Bible contains, as well as other mythological plots, and to image some psychological types of people I found there. There is a collision of suffering people and those who causes an affliction, a problem of sadism in the entire history of humanity from ancient times to the present. The fragmented composition of the picture was chosen in order to focus viewer's attention on the main characters and their feelings. Cold black color contrasts with warm light shades of the skin. It creates the impression of luminescence, figures stand out more and become more volumetric and expressive. The light figure of Saint Peter is surrounded by dark ones, that symbolizes evil and good opposing. As an artist I was attracted by an interesting dynamic pose of the main character and an opportunity to compare my perception of this theme with emotional approach such great masters as Caravaggio and Ribera, who also addressed to the dark moment in the Saint Peter’s life.

Specific details

Name of Artist: Mikhail Solovev
Width (inches): 47,2
Height (inches): 17,3
Media: Oil
Country: Russia
Painting Genre: Representational: Figurative / Other