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    Beachfront Property - BEST IN SHOW, November 2018

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    Price: 2,000.00 USD
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    "Beachfront Property" has many paintings underneath it that give it "history". Mark making, adjusting values, wrestling with the composition, and completely wiping out a third of the painting and delicate line work all contribute to the sum total of this painting. 

    Unlike making a representational painting, abstract work takes its cues not from outside—from a landscape or bowl of fruit or face—but from within. Underneath the finished painting, there are a myriad of paintings the viewer doesn’t see. All of those buried layers represent equations that were wrestled with before I moved on.   

    For years, I had a gnawing desire to understand abstract work. I would look at a deKooning, for instance, and think, “I don’t get it.” Then, I started to focus on the paintat what you can achieve just with the paintand everything changed. Having the guts to try that myself is where I was hesitant. Once I did try, I found I was still afraid but simultaneously obsessed.

    When I am away from the studio, going through my day, I am always thinking about the painting I am working on, which waits for me back in my studio. I can’t let go of the struggle to solve the problems being posed on the canvas; I can’t let go of thinking about how I will move it forward.

    I find it fascinating that struggling with an abstract work can parallel struggles I have in my life, both past and present. I have learned in my life if I let go a little and let nature take its course, things have a way of working out, often in a way that was better than I could have ever planned. So too with my art, allowing beautiful things to happen with the paint can turn the artwork into something far more interesting and with unexpected surprises.

    “How do I know when a painting is done? I don’t. I just have to stop.”


    Specific details

    Name of Artist: Mary Parkman
    Width (inches): 24
    Height (inches): 24
    Media: Acrylic
    Country: United States
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