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    Tangaroa - Polynesians and micronesians (Gilbert Islands) have a heavenly deity. According to some myths, Tangaroa - an uncreated creature, on the other - creates himself, staying in the darkness (Po) in the cosmic shell (or in the cosmic egg).

    In my work, I combined the ancient myth of Tangaroa and one of the theories of the universe, namely the Quantum birth of the universe. According to this theory, ordinary space and time evolved from the previous state described by the quantum theory of gravity.

    In my work I want to show how harmoniously myth and science complement each other. It is possible that the answers to questions about our future are in our past. Who knows?...

    I decided to leave the mythical name of my work - Tangaroa, there is something poetic in it...

    Specific details

    Name of Artist: Ekaterina Denezhkina
    Width (inches): 23,62
    Height (inches): 31,5
    Media: Oil, Other
    Country: Россия


    Use of Color
    Use of Values

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    Latest Reviews by Member Artists

    This painting brings to mind how fragile our environment is. On a recent hike in Lake Tahoe forest, saw how bark beetles have such a great effect on the forest.

    Nice color, composition and mood, with wonderful brushstrokes! Love it!

    Very believable use of color. Painterly brushstrokes and the glow of the sun through the tree keeps the viewer in the painting.

    This painting just draws the viewer in. Really like the reflections in the puddles and the depth of field.

    So good!

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